Polishing vs Waxing

If you want to permanently fix your vehicle’s paint instead of temporarily covering up defects with wax, then our paint correction package is perfect for you. Our expert technicians will assess the damage to your vehicle’s paint in order to remove any scratches and swirls. Wax won’t remove defects from your paint, but will only cover them up for a short term fix. Waxing will make your car look great temporarily, but once your vehicle gets washed, the wax will break down and the scratches and swirls reappear.

Polishing your vehicle will remove scratches and swirls permanently from your vehicle. Let our expert technicians perform our paint correction package to get your car looking its best. We offer the best car polish Waukesha county offers. Come see us today and let us correct your vehicle’s paint so your car will shine to perfection.

After receiving our paint correction package, we highly recommend adding Ceramic Pro to your vehicle to keep your paint protected. Adding a Ceramic Pro coating to your vehicle will keep your paint protected from scratches, road salt, tree sap, insects, dirt and debris. It also gives your vehicle hydrophobic properties, making it a breeze to wash.

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Car Polish Waukesha County

When it comes to paint correction, no one does it better than our expert staff at Carisma Customs. If you want the best car polish Waukesha County has to offer, than you’ve come to the right place. We take great pride in the details and will get your vehicle looking like it got a brand new paint job when we are done with it. Our expert technicians will work with you to determine what level of correction is needed for your vehicle and find the most cost effective solution to give you the best car polish Waukesha County has available.

Our paint correction package will decontaminate your paint with a thorough exterior wash, then our technicians will use the clay bar method to remove any leftover particles of dirt and debris. Once we determine the level of correction needed, we’ll begin to polish out any scratches or water spots left over and then begin our wet sanding process if necessary. After receiving our paint correction you’ll feel like you got a brand new paint job. Come see us for the best car polish Waukesha county offers.



Ceramic Pro Gold Package includes a lifetime warranty.


Ceramic Pro Silver Package includes a 5 year warranty.


Ceramic Pro Bronze Package includes a two year warranty.


Ceramic Pro Sport Package includes a six-month warranty.


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