Complete Detail Package

Our Complete Detail package is the real deal that gives you the best car wash and detail.  Our complete detail includes a thorough wash with a foam cannon. Next all the wheel wells and wheels are degreased and cleaned with Iron X to remove any heavy brake dust. We then perform the clay bar decontamination and a one-step polish and correction. The interior and exterior windows are then cleaned and the wheel & engine is detailed. This package includes a complete interior cleaning of plastics, leather, headliner and a thorough vacuum with hot water extraction for carpets.


  • Standard Cars – Starting at $425
  • Trucks, Vans & SUV’s – Starting at $475
  • Over-sized Trucks, Vans & SUV’S – Starting at $525

Exterior Detail Package

Our Exterior Detail package provides the best car wash and detail Waukesha County has to offer to get your vehicle shining bright. This package includes a thorough wash with a foam cannon, all four wheels degreased and we clean the surface with Iron X to remove any brake dust. Then we’ll air dry your vehicle and use microfiber towels to dry off any left over water spots. Our detailer technicians then perform a one-step polish and paint correction to remove swirling or water marks from your vehicle’s paint. After receiving our exterior detailing Waukesha package, you’ll drive away feeling like you’re riding in a brand new car.


  • Standard Cars – Starting at $240
  • Trucks, Vans & SUV’s – Starting at $290
  • Over-sized Trucks, Vans & SUV’S – Starting at $320

**See our paint correction section for more exterior options.

Interior Detail Package

Our Interior Detail package will make you want to relax in your car all day long! This package includes a full wipe down and dressing of all plastics, trims, door jambs, glass, mirrors and vents. We’ll also extract and shampoo all upholstery, vacuum carpets and condition leather if applicable. At Carisma Customs, our interior car wash will leave your vehicle spotless. 


  • Standard Cars – Starting at $240
  • Trucks, Vans & SUV’s – Starting at $290
  • Over-sized Trucks, Vans & SUV’S – Starting at $320

Paint Correction

Our paint correction process is designed to remove scratches and swirl marks from your vehicles paint. On every paint correction package we go start with a full swirl free wash and follow up with a paint decontamination procedure to ensure your paint is free of all road debris and other common grime that may stick to your vehicle’s paint from everyday driving. Our standard package includes a single stage polishing process, wheels cleaned, exterior glass cleaning, vinyl and rubber dressing, engine bay degrease and cleaning, and more. We offer many different levels of paint correction including: standard, dual stage, and our top tier “concours” level. We can not give prices without seeing the vehicle in person, so please feel free to contact us to bring your vehicle in person for an accurate quote for a package that will meet or exceed your needs! Prices may vary per vehicle.

**All of our paint correction packages include the exterior detail options also.

Ozone and Bio-hazard Extraction Package

The Ozone and Bio-hazard extraction package covers the removal of unwanted orders and bio-hazardous waste from your vehicle.  After our ozone and bio-hazardous extraction package your car will once again be smelling clean and odor less. This package will also remove any unwanted smells or fragrances in your vehicle such as perfume, animal, smoke, and other odors.


  • Starting at $179
  • Call for accurate quote (Vehicle inspection may be required)



Ceramic Pro Gold Package includes a lifetime warranty.


Ceramic Pro Silver Package includes a 5 year warranty.


Ceramic Pro Bronze Package includes a two year warranty.


Ceramic Pro Sport Package includes a six-month warranty.


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