Being out on the water is one of the great pleasures of life, but owning a boat comes with great responsibility in terms of maintenance and cleaning. When it comes to boat detailing, our technicians at Carisma Customs are experts. Because of the harsh weather conditions, owning a boat that is docked in the water can easily get damaged with oxidation, barnacles, algae, and fishing debris attaching to the exterior of your boat. Adding a layer of Ceramic Pro Marine will help your boat maintain its value and reduce your maintenance time and costs exponentially.

Ceramic Pro Marine has been designed specifically to protect boats. It will preserve the lifespan of your beloved boat so you can worry about enjoying your time out on the water instead of the dreaded hassle of cleaning your ship. It adds hydrophobic properties to your vessel so your paint will be preserved and barnacles and algae won’t attach to the exterior of your boat. At Carisma Customs we do mobile boat detailing to take care of all your boat detailing needs. Whether you enjoy days out on the boat in Pewaukee Lake, Pine Lake or Nagawicka Lake, we want to keep your boat in great shape so you can enjoy your time out on the water and forget about the hassle of cleaning. We’ll take care of all the details.


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Ceramic Pro Gold Package includes a lifetime warranty.


Ceramic Pro Silver Package includes a 5 year warranty.


Ceramic Pro Bronze Package includes a two year warranty.


Ceramic Pro Sport Package includes a six-month warranty.


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